Historical Short Story - Swarna Puthiran
  • Historical short story - Part I


    The slow coming up of the moon in the western Ghats of Palakkad Kottai, looks like a beautiful pearl on the heaven. The Kottai was silvered by the bright light showers of the moon. There is a big maidanam called Kottai Maidanam very near to the Fort and surrounded by the Pala marangal. The big temple known as Mahadevar Kshetram, which is very near to Kottai maidhanam is surrounded by beautiful vallia Pala marangal and there was absolute silence in the entire area. The pearl of the heaven suddenly witnessed one beautiful swarna ratham (Golden Chariot) coming very fast to the Mahadevar Kshetram from Palakkad Ghats. The Kshetrapaalakar of the Kshetram becomes alert on seeing swarna ratham. He opened the gates of the Kshetram swiftly and the Swarna ratham went inside the Kshetram and suddenly stopped.

    Yours Dr L Kailasam
    Author Muthusippi

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