• Dr. R Nagaswamy is rendering special talk at his home in Besant Nagar, 11, 22nd Cross Street between 6 pm and 7 pm ydy.

    next lecture will be next Tuesday.

    He took the original text and cited the following :

    1. Senkottuvan - name figures in the beginning and the ending of verses.

    Similar process is adopted in Mathavilasaprahanm also by King Mahendra. Tradition followed.

    2. Kundu - hill; Kuravar - Tribes; King : Scene
    Similarity in Silambu and Purananooru verses by Kapilar on Began.
    During rainy season, the drops of rain compared to Silambu.

    Began's wife name is KANNAGI ..

    He deserted his wife and was with another woman. Kapilar advises him to stay with his wife.

    Probably this short episode became a Kappiyam.

    Since Aram - Porul - inbam figures in St. Elango's Silappadhikaram and Veedu figures in seethalai Saathanar's Manimekalai and thus Kappiyam.

    Masathaan - F/o Kovalan - was following Jain tradition. But the wedding process in confirmity with Hindu rituals. Bride & Groom vowed around Fire ! And all the traditional managalms depicted in Early Tamil wedding customs are mostly in confirmity with present Hindu Wedding process in Tamil nadu.

    Dr. Sathyamurthy, who was present, added, the " Secret Chambers "
    in Kodungallur Bagavathi is supposedly as that of Kannagi and she is acclaimed to hail from Malanaadu !! Some Tribes pay homage in bharani - aani even now !!

    The Arumpathavurai is supposedly of 9th Century. Nachinarkinar wrote in 12 th Century.

    Elangovadigal followed Tholkappiaym mostly and presented this more as a Drama with features of dances also in certain Kaadhai (kadhai ).

    to continue next week.. re Features of Dance (ancient tamil custom)


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