'Devan's' stories in Vikatan Deepavali Malar-s
  • Dear friends,

    I would appreciate it if those who have Vikatan Deepavali Malar-s ( before 1957) 
    can let me know the titles of Writer Devan's stories (and the year of the Malar) .
    in those Malar-s. 

    Many of Devan's stories in these Malars have been published in Alliance books ; 
    but I think that some have not been. I am trying to list all of them to see if the rest 
    can also be published .  

    Thanks in advance for any help. 

    Pas S.Pasupathy

  • I have only one Ananda Vikatan Deepavali Malar from the year 1945. There is one story of Devan in it titled 'தியாகுவின் தீர்மானம்'.
  • Hi Sreedevi,

    Could you please scan the coverpage of Anantha vikatan malar and paintings whatever it have
    inside that malar.

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