Ponniyin Selvan Drama in Chicago
  • Friends,

    Ponniyin Selvan Drama will be staged in Chicago on May 4th. Please see the attached flyer. 

    A cast of 40 people (local Chicago talents) have been rehearsing for the past 3 months. Also, a team of dozen people are working on building props (boat, ship, pallakku and pillar etc.) and painting backdrops (vettai mandapam, mathi chuvar, chithirai mandapam etc.). The costumes are shopped from India, US and online.

    Wish the team good luck! Also, help spread the word to your friends in Chicago area.
  • Wonderful!!  All the best. Love to see a recording!
  • Added the event @

    Hope you guys will get some referrals though that.
  • Dear,
    Excellent effortI hope the entire drama is in Tamil. Is it possible to translate into English so as English yeomen could also enjoy.YoursDr L KailasamAuthor: Malarcholai Mangai (Ponniyin selvanukku Mun), muthusippi, manimakudam, kayal, suthanthira sudarkal, nanri steev.
  • Oh! Great!

    Thanjavur Tiger will conquer the hearts of Chicogo,

    All the best.
  • wonderful.

    some of our friends over there will contact / participate and share the details with us..

    thanks for the details.

    best wishes and regds. sps
  • Thank you sps. Please share your friends contact in Chicago area if possible. We are looking for people with real passion for Ponniyin Selvan to be part of the team. Thanks!

  • This is a wonderful attempt What is the length of the play?I have few ideas for doing the entire novel into a play version which i am presently attempting on how many scenes are there? Can we have a copy of he script. Ponniyin selvan Audio version with over 65 Artistes is ready for release and the duration will be 80 hours Will inform all members the release date shortly
    Bombay Kannan
  • If the 80-hour play is created it might be broadcast for the TV to replace some of the mind-numbing serials on TV. The public might even get educated, as a consequence along with being entertained.

    Raj Mutharasan

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