Article in Poetry in Stone on Gudimallam Linga form
  • Hi,

    There was a post in Poetryinstone by our beloved Vijay and thanks to him
    for the wonderful pictures. I have never seen the lingam, though have heard
    about it earlier. I never bought in the theory that Linga is a
    representation of Phallus and the Gudimallam photos, helped me to firm up
    my idea on the same, that the western concept of comparing Linga with
    Phallas is wrong. I wrote a comment in the website, which I am furnishing
    below. Like to hear from others too..

    "Comparing Linga with Phallus is a western concept which, unfortunately
    many of us have accepted. I dont buy in this as the westerners do not have
    any insight into our philosophy. Linga is the representation of
    Jothiswaroopam, the all luminous, formless form of the Brahmam. Hope all of
    us know the Lingothbhava concept, where Shiva stands as a pillar of fire
    and Brahma and Vishnu goes in search of his head and feet. Even today,
    Linghothbhava has the shiva form depicted inside a linga, which is
    representation of the supreme in human form insite the pillar of fire (or
    jothi or whatever we want to call). The cut in the Linga form is just a
    representation and if it resembles a phallus, its a coincidence.

    Coming to the article, its wonderful and thanks a lot for the pictures..I
    have heard about Gudimallam but never got my eyes on this beautiful linga.
    This again proves my above statement. Mr. Gopinaths representation has the
    cross section shown with seven sides. And its unfortunate that you have
    said that

    "It is important to notice that this early Linga is definitely a
    representation of a Phallus"

    Agni is represented with Seven hands, and said to have seven tongues. Sun
    is said to have seven horses. All these are depiction of the seven colours
    of light and I will rather go with the seven sides of the lingam to
    represent the agni form rather than the phallus. "

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