MEMBERS MEET :: 23 / 24th FEB 2013
  • for some personal reason, I could not access computer frequently and missed to record my appreciation in detail re the POWER POINT PRESENTATION BY VIJAY AND ARVIND VENKATRAMAN'S TEAM IN THATVALOKA recently.

    It was not like mere data collection and presentation.

    Vijay's magic touch in analysis and presentation teamed with intelligent image collections by Arvind making the Power Point presentation extra-ordinary and certainly we are all honoured to have them among us.

    Likewise - Palaniappa Vairam presented a programe 2 years back and fortunately with more enrichment with data, analysis and knowledge in Sangam period Literature and related flowers etc., he is showing extraordinary brilliance in his area of specialisation..

    released new books in this Book Exhibition..

    Enough reasons to have a Meet of our members and enrich ourselves with their accomplishments...

    We will freeze a date in end February.. say 23rd / 24th Febuary.

    We can include some articles by members and release in the form of CD as well..

    Please confirm participation for further arrangements.

    Let us block Bharthiya Vidhya Bawan or Arusuvai or Thatvaloga depending on no. of members participating.

    anbudan / sps
  • I am back to Chennai only on 1st March

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