Kathy Brobeck's Chennai Visit - 19 Jan - 20 Jan 2013
  • Hi,
    Just received a call from Kathy Brobeck, that she is reaching Chennai
    tomorrow evening.
    She is planning to go around Chennai on Saturday and Monday. All
    interested in meeting here, can meet her (if possible accompany) at 7 am at
    Taj Connemara on Saturday or on Monday.

    Hope all interested can assemble
  • Dear Friends,

    Our dear (anusha) Venkat and his wife (Anna) Lakshmi - as usual - invited some of us for a breakfast along with Katherine Brobeck.

    Katherine Brobeck is our long time member from the USA.. she has been mailing under id : sivadasi. Celebrated one of birthday's in Pattadakkal .. Views even kulothunga as of late period.. Focusses on Pallavas / Chalukyas / Guptas Era .. visits India atleast once in 2 years and this is her 10th visit.. highly knowlegeable..

    Her father Brobeck was associated with famous Nuclear Scientists and his team was under consideration for Nobel Prize .. decades back.

    Katherine is now sharing more of her views in face book.. with some of our members...

    Palaniappan Vairam, Arvind Venkatraman, Muruganandam, Sivaram Kannan and myself had the golden opportunity to relish the wonderful breakfast with Mrs & Mr Venkat - who hosted Katherine Brobeck.. this morning.

    Venkat's Chithappa and other friends like Mrs. Raji also shared their views with us.

    Katherine is leaving Chennai by Tuesday.

    anbudan / sps
  • To be precise her father was behind the making of " Cyclotron" which was a compulsory question in our 10th Science exam.

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