Tamil eBook Reader - NHM Reader
  • New Horizon Media has released eBook Reader for Mobiles and Tablets. Right
    now only available for iOS (iPhone and iPad), soon it will be released for
    Android as well.

    This is a very good initiative from Badri.

    Details http://software.nhm.in/products/NHMReader

    iTunes link -

    You can visit them at the Chennai Book Fair Stall and ask questions if you
    have any.

    Those who have iOS devices can try and comment.

    There are free books available.
  • Thank you for the information. Eagerly waiting for Android version. Is there any Tamil input method for Android tablets/phones ?
  • I came to know about NHM Reader through our group few days ago

    immediately downloaded on my iPhone Great effort by Badri and his group It was available only on the iPhone till few days ago

    Now on iPad also. Looks good on iPad I downloaded free books like Wahingtonil Thirumanam

    Also bought Ashokamitran's Karaintha Nizalgal..this is about kodambakkam cine field

    I spoke to Badri and congratulated him..He said one great thing- soon a tamil software for Mac users..till now apple users are depending on Murasu only

  • wonderful...

    very good beginning for preserving more books..

  • If your android version is ics or above you can use sellinam from Murasu.

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