2012 - What you read and share your experience?
  • Dear Members

    We all are looking for the new year 2013. In 2012 what you read and share your experience on that will help others to know about it.
  • Dear Members,

    I would like to share my 'feedback' with you.

    1. After learning from PS group that "Udaiyar" is a sequel to PS, I read
    the 6 volumes of Udaiyar. Very interesting and gripping, though some of the
    facts given are contradictory to the info. given here. It is mentioned that
    Karuvoorar helped in the construction of the Big temple and was the
    spritual Guru for Rajaraja.
    The Rajaraja of PS is a young man and that in Udaiyar he is portrayed as a
    middle-aged man, as a affectionate and anxious father, a thoughtful king
    and a good soul in general.

    2. I read 'Thozhan' by Balakumaran. It describes the life of Sri Sadasiva
    Brahmendral . Very nice book; also gives the philosophical enquiries about
    life and its meaning, making us think and also the translation of the songs
    of Brahmendral given.

    3. Also read 'Krishna mandhiram', again by Balakumaran. This is about the
    view of a lady put in a retirement home, by her own son. How she feels in
    the beginning and how she adjusts herself to the home is clearly explained.
    It shows a variety of life in a retirement home and the mentality of
    different sections of society.
  • Had a chance to read few books this year.

    Important ones are


    Thiruvarangan Ula - Eye opener about Srirangam and what happened to it
    during the Sultans Invasion and where and all Rangan travelled


    Nalam - Jeyamohan - Very good one about health issues and why the medical
    has become such a business
    Satchi Mozhi - Revealing politics and magazines

    Others - http://bookqueue.net/thiru

    Would like to get more stuff this book fair and read them !
  • Dear Sundar, Nice thought...

    This year was special for me. A late comer to the grandeur of Kalki.
    (1) Ponniyin Selvan (With the adorable drawings of Maniam)
    (2) Parthiban Kanavu
    (3) Sivagamiyin Sabadham (2+ parts) .. finding it to be more exciting.

    After the Kalki canon, I can see there is a treat by several authors, including several from here, that I will take up.
  • Dear,Recently i gone though 
    "Marthanda varma" written by CV Raman Pillai. (Tamil translated version). It is an excellent historical novel.YoursDr L Kailasam

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