Seeyamangalam Rock Cut Jain Temple
  • Dear All,

    Recently, I have visited 9th century Jain Rock Cut Temple located in a hillock in the north side of famous Mahaendravarman Rock cut Thunandar shiva temple. Many visitors coming to the shiva temple are often unaware of this jain temple. This temple was built by Western Ganga king Rajamalla II (Southern Karnataka)in 892 A.D. I have written a wikipedia article on Seeyamangalam and uploaded videos in youtube. Pl go throuh it.


    youtube videos

  • Dear Saravanakumar,

    The wiki article is very nice.
    Also the pitures of the temple give us a clear idea of what it is.
    Also a very nice picture of Sri Natarajar.
    Thanks for sharing.
  • Dear Saravanakumar

    Excellent effort. Thanks for sharing

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