Digitalisation - Peace - President Abdul Kalam Words
  • Dear All,

    Peace in India to radiate to world. What excellent words from the President.
    How many of us knows of the lives of Nayanmars or Alwars or for that matter songs of Kabir ( or those like who or those who kept divine songs as Thevarams?
    Access has been there for millions, what have WE DONE with the access?Have we taught ourselves? Do we need "others" to tell us that we need to "preserve"? We need others to tell us "Sanskrit's" use in computers?
    And while we are too busy with digitalisation with "international", let us not forget that less than 5% as of now may be connected or having access to Internet in the country, despite all IT hype. What percantage of pple can READ and WRITE?
    Let the works be "preserved", like lifeless shelves in libraries but also let us work to "produce" MORE such works so that future generation also work to preserve what we have done(if its worth for it).
    Let us also work in enriching village libraries...

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