Gangai Konda Cholapuram & Kanchi Paramacharya
  • The temple is well protected.

    I will narrate a few inncidents about the worship.

    1. Kanchi Mahaswamy felt that the Pujas need to be conducted regularly and at the same time the temple is also to be protected. He himself is a scolar and can read any inscriptions. ( refer image) Many inscriptions were first read by him and then he will ask scholars to go and record it for publishing.

    To start pujas in a grand manner, he arranged for bringing Ganga water from Gangotri in a truck ( in big andas). A grand abishegam was performed with that water and the theertham was added to Chozha Gangam lake.

    He arranged for 100 bags of rice from Andhra ( 10,000 Kg) and started the annabishegam for the lord. Now the Gangaikonda Chozapuram annabishegam is the grandest annabishegam in tamilnadu.

    2. Mahaswami read that RRC arranged for lot of grants for the Thanjai Peruvudayar and felt that lingam of that size need more naivedyams. He arranged for daily naivedyam of 10Kg rice and now it is organised by Swami Dayanandha Saraswathi. The grandest Pardosham in TN is Tanjore Pradosham. He also sent a golden grown for RRC during his 1000th Sadayam celebration and Indira Gandhi adorned RRC with that crown.

    3. Mahaswami once sitting on a samll rock in the mutt found that it is an inscription. Surprise - It is RRC's grant for a perpetual lamp for the Ganesa in the mutt ( The Ganesa in the Sureswaracharyar sannidhi inside the mutt). He immediately orderd for maintaing a perpetual lamp before the Ganesa.

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