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  • One thought keep coming to me - seeing the size of the temples built all over Tamilnadu [excluding
    a very few ] I think thatthat most of the Tamil kings must have ruled only small territories during their
    period. Is it so ? Otherwise why a king should build such small temples all over the places ?
    I am not finding any fault but I am writing this to know the facts.
  • Dear All,

    Arul Mozhi the man who has given up his rights to the Chola Throne is the character no one can forget.
  • This is a very common features. I have also written on dakshinamoorthyin vishnu temples.
  • Almost all the characters are my favourite because they are the children of our guru! Still I like that poor vaanathi . .
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  • Why No fans for Nandini, Ravi Dasan, Naga Nandhi etc.

    We Made " mangaththa" movie a super hit but still don't like these 3.

    I like Nandhini though Fictious.
  • My favourite is Naga Nandi.
  • vaanga vaanga.
  • When I was young when one of our relatives will come ,
    my grandfather will chat with him for hours together and in the middle
    when they discuss about certain friend of theirs, my grandfather will
    say "that fellow is a NagaNandi !!"
    I used to watch their conversation and then when he said this,
    i would interupt him and say who is this Naga Nandi.
    he would laugh and say that it has a big story behind it !!
    I would ask him please tell the story.
    He will say that it is a big story and will tell later.
    In fact he never told the story.
    My father got transferred to hyderabad and my tamil learning got
    stuck in the middle.
    After a year or two when i visited my grandpa's house there was this book Sivakamiyin Sabatham.
    With my little knowledge i touched it and could not keep it down !!!
    At every step I would wonder what this bhikshu is going to do now !!
    and after reading the story I could understand what my grandfather had meant when he said " that fellow is a naganandi "
    and i could also understand why he did not tell the story to me !!!
  • There were references of people as "Vaiththi" also and i too have to learn the meaning after growing up.

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