Characters like Brutus in Kalki novels
  • Dear

    Any body noticed the characters like Shakespeare's Brutus (Julius Ceser) in our guru Kalki's Novels.

    Even in Adithya's murder Samnuvaryar could be charged by others like that. But he did not murder Adithya.

    In any other Kalki's work did you identify such characters?.

    I am raising this question because now a days Brutus are many and surrounded to us.

    How to tackle them?

    I want to know the advise of our Guru Kalki in his literature in this regard. Please help
  • Sir, I can relate the character of pulikesi (to some extent) . He becomes mahendravarmar's friend but just to defeat him. Mahendravarmar thinks him a real friend n discloses the secret to him.
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  • Yes dear,  But did not murder mMahendravarmar as in the case of Brutus.

    However It is true that Pulikesi resembles Brutus to some extent but not exact.

    The lesson is in politics who ever is our friend, the secrets should not be shared at any cause.

    Thank you dear.

    Any other characters resembles Brutus dear? Others also please share. It will help us in real life / online situations
  • To AK and Pazhuvettarayar - Nandini
    To Aayanar - Naganadhi
    To Mamallar - Pulikesi

    In one sense - To Sivakami - Mamallar
  • Yes dear,
    But they have not murdered their friend
  • Dear Madam,

    Actually in that story, Pulikesi is friendly as long as he does not know that Mahendravarmar had disguised himself(as veerbagu)and did the spying work. So in this case Pulikesi is not Brutas at all.


  • Dear Sir,

    what about our Pinagabani, he does some Brutas work (Brutas work means kudave irundu kuli paripathu thaane?)


  • True dear. You have exactly what is mentioned by Brutus work. You have also mentioned that pingagabhani has done that.

    Pingapani talk to VT as a friend and got all information.

    When the soldier of Pazuvettariyar came, he immediately gone to them and ask them to catch him.

     He also try change the mind of poonguzali.

    But he has not murdered anybody. Is it not?
  • Dear
    But no body has gone to the extreme of murder in all cases as in the case of brutus
  • adhe adhe.

    Kudave irundhu Kuzhi parippate.

    apart from kalki's works - whom all we can call Brutes in Tamil works.
  • Kuzhi parichcha brutes
  • Sir,

    I think you're misinterpreting Brutus - he's not merely a betrayer of
    Caesar. He's a friend of Caesar's who betrays him because he believes in
    something (the Republic), which he feels is greater than his friendship.
    Look at the last dialogue in the play

    This was the noblest Roman of them all.
    All the conspirators, save only he,
    Did that they did in envy of great Caesar;
    He only, in a general honest thought
    And common good to all, made one of them.
    His life was gentle, and the elements
    So mix'd in him that Nature might stand up
    And say to all the world, “This was a man!”

    According to his virtue let us use him
    With all respect and rites of burial.
    Within my tent his bones tonight shall lie,
    Most like a soldier, order'd honorably.
    So call the field to rest, and let's away,
    To part the glories of this happy day.

  • I have read that Kalki was heavily influenced by Alexander Dumas.Kalki's daugher had given the comaprison if i remember right.Some one of the scholars here can post the portions where the influence ofDumas was right there.
  • Dear
    It is a new angle.

    He feels something like republic is more than friendship and hence he also did it.

    Excellent dear

    The question is it possible to identify any characters in Kalki's work who has done like that?

    Whether Naganadi love on Sivakami or nattiyam make to go against his own country?

    Nandini's love on Pandiyin kingdom has made Athithya Karikalan to die?

    How to justify human action?

    Some times they gave the color of Nation for justifying their activities.

    Even at the time of our independence for getting out from the law many used the name Nation for coming out from their criminal activities.

    Brutus might have done the same.

    One thing dear. There is no friendns or enemies in politics. Only selfishness is required. The behaviour that too at the time of death of some body is most important to get most benefit. That was happened in Brutus case.
  • Dear Sir :

    In the eyes of law, co-conspirator is equally liable for punishment as the team leader !
  • Conspiracy and killings are part of the political setup. The degree of application
    of technology may vary !
  • No law is that black and white... Degree of involvement and "*mens rea*" or
    guilty conscience are important aspects.

    Anyway, there's no doubt that Brutus was an assassin - the questions are,
    was he a traitor? Was his treachery motivated only by selfish desires or by
    higher motives?

    Not to justify a murder, but we need to understand anything in context.


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