• I guess this is due to competitive nature of global business. It is not likely to change, the rhythm of modernity. In the final analysis you have to enjoy what you do for work, otherwise, as you point out, it is not worth it. If the work you do is enjoyable, you derive pleasure from it and thus you can do it for long stretches of time. You do have to shut down for the weekends for family stuff. A work day being 8 hours is gone, it is more like 12 hours, everywhere. Regards, Raj Mutharasan.
  • Ok with 12 hrs day provided the week end is totally off.

    My feeling is most people/companies dont know what to do and keep spending time in various discussiosns /meetings for hours.

    If there is a clear plan, then 45 hrs a week itself too much.

    Secondly delegation is an issue. with small verticals with nobody to delegate people tend to do every thing.

    Lack of clarity is the root cause.
  • Good points. I agree. I have been in meetings with surgeons who meet in a room where there is a table but no chairs. No coffee, no tea, and no donuts (a common thing for a meeting in this part of the world). The message is the meetings are to be short and to the point. The chair of the meeting communicates ahead of time the objective(s) of the meeting, and discussion centers around the decision to be made. These meetings have been as short as 15 minutes, and they are quite effective. Raj Mutharasan

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