month of RRC Birthday
  • Respected sir,

    Thanks for sharing.

    Tiruvarur Thyagaraja temple inscription gives clarity on subject::

    " Naam Pirantha Aadi thiruvathiriyum
    Nam Ayyar Pirandharuliya AIPPASI SADHAYAMUM .. "

    - says Rajendra I and gives a grant on the Natal Star of Rajendra I and his father Rajaraja I.

    The inscriptions are also published in Dr. Kudavayil Balu sir's book TIRUVARUR.

    He is also writing to Dinamani quoting these.

    Pulavar Raju is much respected Scholar. He did bring out this topic on stage when Dr. Nagaswamy was present during 1000th RRC Celebrations when conducted by Krishna Gana Sabha this year January. The stage was shared by then tiruvannamalai collector Dr. Rajendran, Dr. Rajendran VC Tamil University Dr. Selvaganapathi and similar such Scholars.

    Dr. Selvaganapathi's THEVARA THIRUTHALA PERUMAI CD is nearing completion and recently Times of India has published a detailed article on this.

    He renders the details in PODHIGAI Tamil channel too.

    Dr. Nagaswamy also did not agree with Pulavar Rasu, but kept away from refuting on the stage.

    It is widely believed and DISCUSSED too that Rajendra I's natal star THIRUVADHIRAI was in MARGAZHI (Arudhra !!). But he is AADI Born !!

    will quote the detailed text soon.

    warm rgds / sps
  • dear sps sir,
    simply great..but that makes me to place one more request to you,:

    Why not you please arrange for consolidating all the available information
    with inputs from all relevant and concerned so that this becomes a
    reference material for millions of naives like me..when i asked Dr.Balu to
    tell me a good book to know chola history he mentioned the one by sadasiva
    pandaarathaar...but that is a old classic, better than that of perhaps of
    Sastri in terms of updation..

    see, we social scientists believe in written communication..only that
    society which records will stay in knew pretty well how many
    gaps exist now when we talk of our glorious past..but some one should
    compile and make available...

    this is not my request to you...our admirable kalki also mentions this in
    his epilogue in ponniyin please take the lead and yes it will
    be a team work..may be a core team may be formed to identify areas or
    topics to be covered and then assign it to one or more people who are good
    in that topic with a set time frame and ordinary folks like me could help
    in editing, proof reading, something like what project madurai is doing...

    this will be a seminal contribution for our future generations and if we
    could do that, sir, we could certainly call it a great day and then we all
    will feel good as well...knowledge learnt is to be shared only...

    in my guess it may take one year at the maximum but it is worth

    with sincere wishes
  • wonderful SPS sir.....was waiting for this one...when you put it, there is
    something special about it
  • Respected sir,

    This has been our long term wish.

    We will try our best to make some contribution in this direction.

    We will involve like minded ones from our Group and beyond too.

  • Dear Vijay,

    If we put this in the beginning there would not be discussion.

    Ogai Natarajan spoke to me a couple of days when i was in thanjai (obviously - for sadhayam)re putting an article on this.

    Myself and KB Sir visited Tiruvarur and seen these details long time back. will furnish the text soon.

    rgds / sps

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