Cost of maintaining a lamp at temple
  • Dear,
    intaining a lamp at a temple. It is learnt that about 13 kalansu of gold is required for maintaining such lamp, which never lit off. How the cost of maintenance of the lamp is caculated. the cost of the oil it requires; the salary of the person  to look after etc. Can any body calculate and tell how much money equivalent to the present day of 13 kalanzu gold. Is it possible to maintain the lamp today with the cost of the gold they have mentioned.
  • Not only money/gold/land - even goats were provided.

    Also the size of the lamp needed to be studied. It is not only for the Garnhagraha - also in the praharas. Lot of lamps to illuminate the temples in the night.

    My observation is 2 liters of oil is required for 200 agalvilakku hours.

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