Book on Tiruvarur Temple Murals
  • FROM 'THE HINDU' DATED 3-09-2011:-

    'The Mucukunda murals in the Tyagarajaswami Temple , Tiruvarur', a book by
    Dr.David Shulman and V.K.Rajamani will be launched on September 4 at 6pm
    under the Banyan Tree at the Kalakshetra Foundation.

    On the ceiling of the Devasiriya Mandapam in the third prakara of the
    Tyagarajaswami Temple in Tiruvarur, an unfinished set of around 50 painted
    panels depict the story of the monkey-faced Chola king Mucukunda, who is
    said to have brought saint Tyagaraja from heaven, down to Tiruvarur. The
    story is well-documented in medieval Tamil texts such as Kantapuranam of
    Kacciappa Civacariyar and Campuntamunivar's Tiruvarurpuranam.

    The paintings, although in a shockingly dilapidated condition, are among the
    best surviving examples of late-Nayaka or early-Maratha-period murals.

    For the last three, Prakriti Foundation was working on the restoration of
    these panels. The restoration work has now been completed and will
    culminate with the book release.

    Note: In para 2 above it is mentioned 'saint' as prefix to Tyagaraja. It is
    commonly used for Carnatic music composer Tyagaraja only. Here it should
    have been "Lord".

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