How about a comics on PS????
  • This weekend, I was strolling through landmark and found Ramayana and
    Mahabharatha comics in the kids section.
    Today the panchathantra stories are published in 36 different languages
    and is indeed a record. Ramayana and Mahabharatha gained so much
    popularity, because they were told as bed time stories by our parents
    and grand parents and were also published in the form of comics so that
    the masses can understand them.

    Leaving out the great literature in PS, it still has in it enormous
    amount of story line in it.
    Why not tell PS story itself as a bed time story to our young kids and
    publish comics of PS. I think, this will in no way ridicule the magnum
    opus of Kalki.

    Today a kid need not read Kamba Ramayanam or Valmiki Ramayanam to know
    Ramayanam (enakku innnamum Kamba Ramayanam puriyathu).
    They can be understood by reading these comics.

    Parents of PS group, please include PS as well when you tell stories to
    your kids. We might in a way create new readers for PS in the future

    Atleast when I will have a kid, I will definitely narrate PS to him /
  • Idhaithaan 'Sarithiram Thirumbukiradhu' endru solvaargalo?

    Old topics (Suitable actors for PS, PS Comics) are coming again.
  • Hi Vijay,

    I appreciate your activism in this regard.

    I plan to act out PS to my kid when she is born. :-)
  • Dear Meenakskavi...

    >>>.I plan to act out PS to my kid when she is born. :-)


    All the best:-))))))))

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