• Wow! amazing.

    I never heard of Cholas of Orissa/Kongu/hoysala. Can someone please send any
    link related to these types of Cholas?

    Shriram Rajaram
  • please check my 2006-07 postings on choda ganga dynasty and telugu cholas of sonpur of Orissa


    kalingathu parani famous Anantha varman choda ganga , son of veera rajendran daughtor rajasundrai and raja raja devendra varman who founded Choda ganga dynsty in kalinga nagara (mukalingam ) of south kalinga

    after the second kalinga war during 1112 ,shifted his capital to mahanadi island at cuttack

    Regarding telugu cholas of sonpur

    their copperplate clearly mentions about chola kula kamala, kaveri natha, uraiyur valavan and many more on cholas

    they were defeated by kalachuries in 13nth century
  • Thai Kings call themselves Rama and their cpital Aydhya

    Cholas also call themselves as Soorya Vamsis and claim their linage to Rama

    Were they related?
  • SN sir,

    Please read this blog..


    This blog has answers to your questions.

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