Karuvurar - Contedmporary of RRC ?
  • Dear sps/venkat:
    Reg the issue of whether there is any connection between karuvuraar and RRC,
    I asked this question to Dr.Kudavayil Balasubramanian some time back and he
    replied negatively saying that this is more of imagination than being one
    supported with any evidence..further the karuvuraar temple that we find
    inside the Big temple may perhaps been added later...
    i thought you may let me share this information with you and frankly I am a
    novice in chola history...and want to learn it thoroughly..
    heard from Kalinga balu that the event was great grand event and i feel
    sorry to have missed it..he assured that we would get details in the group
  • Hi
    karuvoorar temple is definitely a later addition. the only proof of possible co existence is the thiruvisapaa.


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