Adventures of king Vikramadhithya or Singhasan Bathisi
  • Dear Friends,
    Vikramadhithya was a great king of Ujjain who was supposed to have ruled over India for 2000 years. The western historians identify him as Chandra Guptha II of the Guptha dynasty. It is believed that another great king Shalivahana killed him and it is believed that his golden throne with 32 steps was found by king Bhoja from a mound. Each of these steps were guraded by a doll and each of these dolls told king Bhoja of an adventure of king Vikramadhithya. Though the stories so told are very popular through out India, the version in south is slightly different from the version that is popular in North. I have rewritten the version of these 32 stories which are popular in Tamil Nadu and these are available in

    These stories are known as Singhasan Bhathisi in North India. I have to warn that most of the stories are not child oriented but adult oriented, Ramachander

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