Was India really Aryanized????
  • I have a very very basic question haunting me for a long time. Was
    India Aryanized. I started reading the book "History of South India" by
    K.N Sastry and he has written that South India was Aryanized from 1000
    B.C to 400 B.C. Also in my school days we have read that Aryans as such
    were not Indians and they came from Central Asia / Europe. How true is
    this Theory? If these people came from central Asia and Europe, why
    isn't there any trace of these people today in those places.

    Quite a few people have refuted this theory of Aryans and this is a
    theory very much formulated by Lord McCaulay to create a feeling of
    division among Indians.


    This article states that the concept of Aryan itself is a myth. Could
    anybody please throw some light on this??

  • Hi All,

    here is one link:

    I think this Aryan Invasion theory was created by
    British to defend themselves

    1. even in the oldest of Tamil literature like
    Thriukural, we find references to Hindu Gods(Aryan).

    2.If u take Mahabaratha, u have reference to Pandya
    3.Light-skinned and dark-skinned is not a matter.
    Krishna is represented as a dark skinned ,Godesss
    Parvathi/Kali is dark-skinned and so are
    Arjun,Draupadi etc.In many families, it is possible
    that people are dark-skinned.

    Yes, if Aryans came from Central Asia, is there any
    proof or aracheaological evidence?

    What are the views of others?
  • Hi all,

    Is it possible to give proof for an incident that
    took place before BC? Some theories will not have
    proof and we have to accept that according to our

    Thiruvalluvar lived just before 2030( appr. )
    years. According to vikram's sentences that time this
    nation was already aryanized. So we should not refer

    As Ramayana and Mahabharatha are the extensions of
    Aryan culture, if you refer these, then its like
    seeing from 'aryan arena'.

    Coming to the Gods' matter , all Gods are not came
    from Aryan culture. They mingled the local Gods with
    their own Gods and stories.

    For example, Pasupathi is an Dravidian God, and was
    worshiped by dravidians before the arrival of aryans.
    Then they rename that God as Shiva. Likewise
    dravidians had a God called Thirumal. Aryans named
    that God as Vishnu and extended the stories of Rama
    and Krishna. According to one theory these people were
    Aryan kings like Raja raja chola and others. As in
    olden days, kings were treated as 'Avathar of God' and
    they became real Gods.

    Accoding to one theory, dravidians lived near
    Harappa and Mohandharo ( now a days north india and
    Pakistan ) and Aryas came from Central Asia and when
    they met there was a clash between them. In that clash
    that civilization was ruined and dravidians came back
    to southindia. After that the aryans slowly came into
    entire india and established their culture without

    These things did not take place in a single day. It
    took several hundred years. If realize that, then you
    can understand that. This is mostly - world wide
    accepted theory.

    This is not given in that theory. This is my own
    opinion : As Sanskrit is their own language ( what
    they spoke when they were in Central asia ), they dont
    want to let it die. So (unintentionally - unknowingly)
    they love and say that as a devine language and try to
    keep that in existance in anyway( Thaan adavittalum
    than sathai aadum? ). Its like even after settled-down
    in America/Britain we celebrate Pongal as we dont want
    to give-up our own culture fully.

    Coming to Color of Gods, Some 'Vaithega Madangal'
    not yet accepted some Gods and Godess in Tamilnadu (
    One famous Godess also in that list ). I dont want to
    say that explicitly.

    These Aryan - dravidian theory exists even before
    the period of British. So its childish to blame them
    in this matter.
  • Hi All

    Coming to God's matter
    Doesnt this means Aryans embraced Hinduism from

    Hinduism existed thousands of years ago in this
    ancient country from North to South.ppl modified the
    Gods of Hinduism and worshipped according to their

    Vedas can never be written in 100 years.They are the
    result of experience of ppl over 1000 of years
    And most of Vedas NEVER refered to any country except
    India.Had they been from Central Asia, how come they
    forget totally about it?

    For example, mostly, watever herbs mentioned in
    Ayurveda were available only in India.It is becoz they
    had inhabited this land from time immemorial, they are
    able to analyze this land

    British, just to undermine our glorious heritage,
    tried to write off Aryans as nomads and vedic
    literature as nomad's literature.They are simply
    trying to divide us and it appears that it succeeded

    This Aryan theory is not a well-proven one.Yes, it
    existed before British.
    Its just a hypothesis.
    British gave much importance to it and succeeded in
    popularising it to further their motives.Since they
    were having half of the world in their rule and also
    that India was also under British, none challenged
  • Dear Sri

    There are lithuanians and ukranians who recite the yajur veda and atharvana veda like we recite thirukural.... a few of our junior medical staff are from central asia and we were astonished to hear all this

    so there is some truth to aryan historic migration..

    its not the british even Hitler was a strong believer in the aryan migration theory and he thought they were the superior race..that is why he eliminated the jews and gypsies.....

    dont forget the british were godless pagans (uncivilised people) in comparision to the europeans...

    Remember Sanskrit is the mother of the european language tree

  • Hi all,

    I am totally tired of such mails from some people
    in this group. They always 'accurates the
    Some people may call me as a 'leftist'.

    I didn't mean that aryans embraced hinduism from
    dravidians. what I meant was dravidians had an unnamed
    religion and aryans had an vedic religion. Aryans
    formed the hinduism by mixing unnamed dravidian's
    religion and their own vedic religion.

    Sridevi has said that vedas refer herbs of India.
    We use sugarcane. Do you know the origin of
    sugarcane.? findout. There are several references in
    tamil poems about sugarcane. But its not a native
    plant of Tamilnadu or India. Sri dont be 'one sided'.

    Coming to the analyze part, wherever we go we
    analyse. The moon, the sun, the sea....Its human

    She has also asked that how could they forgot
    central asia as it was their own land. ( I hope she
    will not ask registration certificate. ) I already
    told you that it took place several hundred years
    back. That time all human beings were uncivilized.
    Harappa and Mohanjadharo civilization is one of the
    oldest civilizations in the world. Then how come they
    can write that? ( remember that eventhough tamil kings
    were civilized, 'meikeerthi' was first released by
    Rajaraja. and land was first measured by kulothunga.
    Their precedors didnt think about these things. )

    I was talking about a theory. You are talking about
    own wishes and own concepts. Ohhhhhhh, I am tired of
    hearing these things... Ok, bye I am getting out of
    this group. Thanks everybody....

  • Its nice to hear that atleast one person who
    speaks according to almost accepted and somewhat
    believable arguements. If sanskrit is the native
    language of India why its not spoken by the people.

    If it is really a devine language, how come
    ordinary people happened to know that. do they
    indirectly mean that they are superior?

    Ok, we accept that sanskrit as a devine language.
    Then they have no communication problem with god. Why
    cant they ask god to stop tragdies like 'kumbakonam'

    I personally respect all languages. But one should
    not dominate other languages in the name of god. Its
    like cheating and insulting other languages.

  • ( remember that eventhough tamil kings
    were civilized, 'meikeerthi' was first released by
    Rajaraja. and land was first measured by kulothunga.
    Their precedors didnt think about these things. )

    It is not so. The land was first measured by Rajaraja before starting the
    construction of periya kovil. There are inscriptional evidences.

    Another interesting fact is, meikeerthi of Rajaraja was written by himself.
    Not by others.
  • > Another interesting fact is, meikeerthi of Rajaraja was written by
    > himself.Not by others.

    Hi Kamal
    Never knew this man ! Great - how do we come to know this ?
    But the grammer to write a meikeerthi existed even before rajaraja I
  • Hi Sridar

    Its really very intresting to hear this..
    Then it seems that Atharvana veda and Yajur Veda must
    have been with Aryans before they are supposed to come

    I have a doubt
    But doesnt this contradict the Vedic dates which they
    give?they say Rig Veda is composed during 2nd
    millinium BC after post-Aryan Invasion(rig veda is the
    oldest veda..atharvana is written much later than it)
    Mostly, western scholars claim that vedic period
    post-dates Indus valley civilization

    What are the views of others

  • Dear Sridhar,
    If there are Lithuanians and Ukranians who can recite Yajur Veda like we
    do Thirukkural, then why shouldn't people from India migrated to those
    Central Asian countries rather than the reverse happening?
    If Sanskrit is the mother of all European languages, then again the same
    question arises. Why shouldn't people from India migrated to those
    central Asian places.
    No where in the Vedas there is a mention of the word "Aryan".

    Are there any genetic connections between the so called Aryans and the
    Lithuanians. I believe the DNA will have similar strands even after
    1000s of years. Am I right??

    Also Sanskrit can't be the mother of all European languages. I had
    read an article that Greek is a classical language and for a language to
    be declared as a classical one, it should have been developed on its own
    structure and vocabulary and no influence from other languages. Sanskrit
    is the only Classical Indian language and even though Thamizh is proven
    to be a language developed on its own, the govt. hasn't yet granted it a
    classical status.
  • Shanmugam,

    You understood the sentence but not the meaning. I
    meant was eventhough that was possible, kings before
    rajaraja didn't have the idea of writting
    'meikeerthi'. I know that 'meikeerthi' was written by
    Rajaraja I. Likewise eventhough Aryans got victory
    over dravidians they didnt have idea of writting that.

    I can give you another example, after several years
    of the invention of paper only 'newspaper' idea came
    into existance.

  • Dear Vijay
    very interesting but historic and archeaological evidence point to the opposite...
    I am not sure about the vedas but there is enough reference to arya vamsam in mahabarat etc

    Yes there would be DNA assocaitions but I am not sure there are any fossils unearthed from the Indus valley sites

    as for as the calssical language status for tamil that is a political issue...there is a chair for tamil in the language studies department and most western universities i doubt if the same could be said of most North Indian universities.

    If you see the language tree of Indo European languages you will see greek as an offshoot of the main trunk

    When I wrote the mail I meant mordern european languages but was surprised to find greek in it
  • Dear Sridevi

    I think the basic confusion here is the timeframe.....

    The aryanisation took place in 2000-1500 BC....there is enough historic and archeological evedence for that...

    The aryans were initially nomads and settled in india they did not have idol worship which they adopted...yes their vedas were written may be in india but they did communicate to their native origins that why it explians why people in asia minor know baout these vedas and verses...

    What you are forgetting is between then and noe there have been so many invasions and changes in mankind.....alexanders invasion...the persian invasion what was once a glorious civilisation of mesopotomia and persia is only a memory today because of spread of Islam.....

    will you deny the fact that mesopotomian civilisation was not in iraq just because no one can understand the language and script today.....same for egypt

    you are totally confusing historic migration with current evedence
  • Dear Raj
    Thirukural and most tamil literature available today were written after aryanisation

    or let us say amalgamation of aryan and dravidian cultures...



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