Ponniyinselvan English Edition in Print Version
  • Hi Members,
    Yesterday I happened to see the English edition of Ponniyinselvan in the
    print version at the Landmark in Forum, Bangalore. (Non-Bangaloreans
    mannippaarkaLaaka). It is published by Macmillan publications. I just
    don't remember the person, who took the initiative of translating this.
    Whoever it is, Avar Vaazkha.

    Each volume iss 250 Rs. I am not sure, whether the book is the verbatim
    translation of the Tamil version, as the sizes of each volume are not
    that big and the the last chapter in the 5th volume is named as
    "Pinnacle of Sacrifice (Thiyaga Sigaram)". I believe the original has a
    few more chapters.

    The sketchs are also different. They are all simple line drawings only
    and doesn't have the richness Maniam Selvam's paintings provided.

    Whatever, Tamil theriyatha, net vasathi illatha makkalum ippothu
    Ponniyin selvanai vaangi padikkalaam.
  • Vijay,
    I'm from Malaysia. How can i buy the English translated ponniyinselvan.


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