Feedback Request: - Feb 9 - Stanford University Radio - Itsdiff show - Artist Maniam Selvan interv
  • Makkale

    I checked we had listeners from Singapore, India, USA listened to the program
    based on the stats - big thanks
    Can you pls provide some feedback

    - Maniam Selvan was very passionate and answered our listeners questions and
    felt great having talked to a wonder very expressive person.
    - He went deep down the memory lane talking about Thiru Maniam avargal and the
    Ponniyin Selvan experience

    Nandri ( will post the podcasting and archives soon)

    Ponniyin Selvan Audio Book -
  • Hello Sri,
    It was a gr8 show. I was really amazed by his descriptions on how detailed artist have to analyse to illustrate for stories.
    Also enjoyed his answer why Graphic novels are still not possible in India.
    Thanks for the show.

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