Device to digitze books -link
  • Dear All,

    This i came to know from a friend in a Group.
    It may be of help to us who have rare books and printed materials to preserve.
    This is news to me which is yet to be tested practically.
    If anybody has tried please give feedback.
  • wow, interesting
    “*Here the language of stone surpasses the language of man*” – Nobel
    laureate, Rabindranath Tagore
  • Quickly create a digital library from your entire print collection.

    With the growing popularity of e-readers and digital books, ION has created the fastest and most convenient system for transferring novels, textbooks and periodicals to the digital realm. Book Saver allows everyone to easily transfer their favorite stories directly to a convenient SD cards. Once converted, the books can be quickly transferred to a computer or e-reader. Book Saver is the only device needed to quickly make all your books, comics, magazines or other documents e-reader compatible.

    Book Saver has two cameras that take separate images in rapid succession of each page within an open book. You can scan 200 pages in less than 15 minutes! Book Saver's cradle, where the book is placed during the scanning process, is also angled as to not require you to hold pages down to get a flat, even surface. While similar devices require up to seven seconds per one page, Book Saver takes only one second per two pages!

    Reading digital versions of your favorite books and other documents is now convenient, quick and fun with Book Saver.






  • hi sps

    this is not yet in the market - we are all waiting anxiously
  • Thanks for sharing this link.

    Just wrote an email to enquir about pricing and where to buy.
    will share the same once I have the info.

    If any one else is having the info, kindly share.
  • auto flip iruntha supera irukkum
    “*Here the language of stone surpasses the language of man*” – Nobel
    laureate, Rabindranath Tagore
  • Anyone bought Amazon Kindle?

    I just got my device a few weeks back. It is a wonderful ebook reader...

    I downloaded PS Part - 1 from Project Madurai to it, the font was too small to read. So I edited the PDF file and it is amazing to read PS on this device...

    Those who use Kindle, please share your feelings....
  • Interesting. But, the photographed images may have barrel or pin-cushion
    distortion, as the pages may curl or may not be flat. A glass plate over
    the page may help. But for converting as an ebook, this device will be
    If OCR and coders are available to convert to ebook formats (e.g.
    kindle), this device will kindle new interest in reading old books.
  • The book is below and there is a frame to press the edges of the pages.
    I am sure the result will be good.Sampath
  • I have a kindle. The load on my mp3 player is considerably reduced.
    1. As of now, it is good only for english books. Even though it supports
    unicode, required fonts for indic languages are not available. Let us
    hope this is done soon - will happen if there is a decent demand from
    2. All doc and text files can be converted to prc or mobi formats for
    use in kindle. In fact, gutenberg gives the option to download most of
    the books in various ebook formats for immediate use.
    3. pdf is a pain, as the letter size is too small or the convenience and
    pleasure of reading is lost, as scrolling is to be done if zoomed. But
    there is no option to read tamil books except as pdf files.
    How did you edit the PS pdf file for reading in kindle? Please advise>
  • Hi,

    There may be other methods, but this one worked for me:

    1) downloadthe PS from Project Madurai in HTML format ( unfortunately, they have split each PS part into multiple HTML files )
    2) Merge the individual HTMLs of eachpart into one single large HTML file. I used MS WORD for this as I dont have any other HTML editor.
    3) Use Mobipocket creator to import the HTML file
    4) "Build" now. This generates a PRC file which you can download into Kindle.

    This process preserves the font.

    If you have a PDF editor ( such as Acrobat ) you may simply be able to increase the font size, however the reading experience with PDF files is horrible in Kindle.

    Mobipocket doesnt seem preserve the Tamil font when you import the PDF file put on the Project Madurai website.

    I haveconverted onlyPS Part-1, as this takes lot of time and patience. I will try to do some more research in the coming days and find a better method..

    Thanks and best regards,
  • Hi

    Pl send me a mail to my id. I will send all the kalki's pdf converted with good look files.

    K. Sundar
  • I have found this method of converting tamil files for kindle; it works
    1. Download tamil files from project madurai or other sites in htm
    files, preferably in unicode.2. Read the file in ms word.3. Set page
    size with page set up to 9 cm x 12 cm (kindle screen size). The document
    will reformat itself.4. View the document in the page view mode to
    actual size (as seen on kindle); change font size suitably for ease and
    strain free viewing.5. Save the document in pdf format using cutepdf
    utility (freeware). This works like a print command.6. This file can be
    transferred to kindle; will be easy on the eyes as it is already
    scaled.caution: Tables, pictures etc. may need special attention and
    editing.I could download and convert parthiban kanavu vol 1 and 2 from
    project madurai and convert it for kindle in under 5 minutes.

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