please konjam PandiyarkaL pathiyum .....
  • Yaarachum ithu pathi konjam reply paNNakoodathaa??
  • Hi,

    I've read "Virapandiyan Manaivi" twice and said
    about that book in one of my previous mails. As the
    Pandiyas had deep love towards Meenakshi and
    Sundareswara, I think Meenakshi temple was already
    there and Nayakas only did some extensions or

    With regards,
  • Vijay,

    As Aru.Ramanathan says in 'Veerapandiyan Manaivi',
    Cholas gave importance to Vedhas, Sasthras and Caste
    system ( including RajaRaja cholan ). But Pandiyas
    gave importance to people welfare, native culture and
    That's why their fabulous history was masked.

    As they belong to same 'tamil community' why should
    they faught. Even it was possible for cholas to keep a
    good relationship with others , why they could not
    keep a good relationship with Pandiyas?

    The reason is given by Aru.Ramanathan in VM. I
    consent that.

    With Regards,
  • Krupa,

    Don't pass silly comments. That is given by Aru. Ramanathan. I too accept that. If u can put forward any useful arguements other than useless comments that would be useful.

    With Regards,
  • Friends,

    Romba naal kazhitchu intha pakkam vanthen! Mandai kaanju poi.. escape

    anbudan, Ramki
  • Hello All,
    I have read Aru Ramanathan's 'Veerapandiyan
    Manaivi' a couple of times. It was a good novel.
    Many points in the novel are debatable.

    The story is about the period of 'Mundram
    Kulothunga Cholan'. We all know the Cholo Kingdom
    declined after this period. Aru Ramanathan has
    justified the decline by giving some reasons, which I
    say are debatable.

    As I know there are no concrete evidence about
    Cholas not giving importance to general public. Just
    because both are Tamil king does not mean they should
    not fight each other.

    Let us have more opinions on this.
  • I was talking abt the majority. Ofcourse ervery dynasty has some black marks. Even now I say Pandiyas gave importance to Tamil, native culture and people welfare than cholas

  • its a mega joke that saying that there is no evidence for cholas regretion towards people's welfare. They gave golden roof to chidambaram temple and were keep on building temples. Is this for people welfare or to make strong vedic culture. Ofcourse I believe god.

    with regards,
  • Its ok Krupa. I also like humour. But that was a serious arguement. No problem. Sorry.

    With Regards,
  • Its nice to receive some good arguements. Ok. I too believe god. I am not opposing god. And I dont say that pandiyas did not believe god and opposed god. The thing is cholas concentrated only on GOD. Pandiyas concentrated on GOD also. I know Sundareswara is the "kuladeivam" of pandiyas. U totally misunderstood my point.

    The above lines have a small but entirely different meaning. When there was a problem in using pen in space, Americans spent 10 million dollers for research and invented a new pen. But Russians just used the pencil. Here is a difference. I see the same diff. between Cholas and Pandiyas.

    With Regards,
  • Arguements valarndha nalladhu thaan. But I am running short of time everyday. And this is according to individuals view. According to me Taj mahal is also a waste of money. ( Love means we should feel that and make others to feel that. we should not put that in a show case. Ofcourse that is not even a true love ). So we stay in our point of views. If we meet then we speek abt that. Bye.

    With regards,
  • Dear Raj
    I am sorry good arguements are welcome but to my humble mind it seems you just seem to be saying the same thing over and over again

    If building dams and irrigation facilities...better health care ....better trade and security is not looking after peoples welfare then the chola kings ignored their citizens

    please do not take any authors words for gospel truths because there is always an element of author imagination in it

    If at all anything the pandya kings spent more time for tamil than any other tamil kings but that wouldnt mean they neglected people by loving their language and ignoring people

    you will not be saying big temple and tajmahal were waste of money if they were not built at their times and stood the test of time....maybe they lived in a golden age...atleast thats what the poets have said the girls use their jimiki's to chase the chicken eating the rice....they must have been well off then maybe not as poverty srtruck as our presentday

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