Feb 2 2011 - Stanford University Radio - Itsdiff show - Special coverage - Karka Nirka
  • Makkale

    We are proud to have a special radio program with our Vairam (Karka Nirka) on
    "Sangam Literature" this Wed 2/2.

    Time : 9.00 pm IST
    Date: 2/2 - Wed
    Duration: 60 min

    You can listen live on the internet

    a) links are on our website http://www.itsdiff.com/ (you can also check our
    other tamil programs)

    b) click directly to the radio live link - http://kzsulive.stanford.edu/

    This is part of our Tamizh Radio show ( www.itsdiff.com) and please join us and
    listen to Vairam talk about his passionate subject and what he does through
    KarnaNirka blog ( http://karkanirka.wordpress.com)

    Please do share it with your friends


    Did you listen to Ponniyin Selvan Audio Book yet -
  • Thanks Sri for giving me a chance to speak about Sangam literature in your show.
    Hoping people will tune in to show!

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