Highlights of Ponniyin Selvan Audio book - Aaditha Karikaalan
  • Vanakkam Nanbargale

    Very proud to say that I have completed the audio book for Bagam 4 - Manimagudam over pongal holidays.

    Pls do check out s sample

    Aadithakarikaalan -

    Here are some other highlights

    Vaanathi - Oru puram paarthaal -

    Pls do send your feedback


  • Dear,
    I just heared and astonished. The tone is very honey and the same time all expressions are properly comes out. Excellent work dear. God must bless you.
  • Hi Sri,

    Do you have the past episodes? The narration is excellent and the voice is crystal clear.... You should publish this as a MP3 CD.

    There are a few breaks in the audio, could be due to your codec.
  • Nandri Venkateswaran and Dr Kailasam sir(s)

    - I have completed Bagam 1- 4 now and 5 is in the making
    - you can find the details at http://www.itsdiff.com/kalkips.html
    - Let me have some ideas if any of the publishers would be interested to publish
    this audio book

    It gives me immense pleasure to read Amarar Kalki's wonderful characterization,
    and thanks for your encouraging feedback.

    re: The original audio is very clear - youtube conversion had this issue in
    this particular link

    It's different - News, Views and Music - weekly Radio show
    Every Wed 6 - 9 am PST KZSU Stanford 90.1 FM
  • Excellent Sri!! Amazing expressions...

    Your effort is unbelievable.

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