Visit to ancient temples with Katherine Brobeck :)
  • Dear members,

    Here is a link with some photos taken in ancient temples near Kanchipuram
    with Katherine Brobeck last week.
  • Kaveripakkam - will be featured in Ramayanam series once we confirm the period of the outer fort wall which has Ramayanam panels.The array of deers is generally OBSERVED in temples after Nandhi III to Parantaka period. We will discuss that in kanyakumari - if i could post it on sunday.

    The Kottai perumal temple is maintained by an young man " Santhakumar". While people are debating on whether every one can do poojas in temples - Kaveripakkam is already doing it silently.

    ( Kaveripakkam is my native place from where we moved to Chennai briefly and then to Kanadukathan/Karaikudi in 50s during my Grandfather's period. Inncidently all the 3 start with K. )

    Santhakumar takes care of the Perumal. We have read about many vaishnava devotees who loved lord as their baby - Santhakumar is like them.

    You van see some vinayaka moortis moved from the siva temple to perumal temple.

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