CPR - 5 minutes to save-a-life
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    First-aid Saves Lives
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    CPR - 5 Minutes to save a Life
    Sudden Cardiac Arrest(SCA) kills more than 6,00,000 (6 lakh) people every year.
    Survival rate for SCA is less than 5%.

    However, if the patient is provided with CPR Cadio PulmonaryResuscitation and
    receives defibrillationwithin 5 minutes their survival rate goes up to more
    than 50%. If your organization has more than 100 people or if you are one of the
    key members of the top management, you should consider procuring an Automatic
    External Defibrillator (AED)for your workplace and training your employees on

    Continuous Chest Compression CPR, a hands-only CPR method that doubles a
    person’s chance of surviving cardiac arrest. It’s easy and does not require
    mouth-to-mouth contact, making it more likely bystanders will try to help, and
    it was developed at the University of Arizona College of Medicine.

    Watch this Continuous Chest Compression CPR video

    Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is a condition in which the heart suddenly and
    unexpectedly stops beating. When this happens, blood stops flowing to the brain
    and other vital organs. SCA usually causes death if it's not treated within
    minutes. Sudden Cardiac Arrest isNOT a heart attack. The heart has an internal
    electrical system that controls the rate and rhythm of the heartbeat. Problems
    with the electrical system can cause abnormal heart rhythms that lead to SCA.
    Most SCAs happen in people who appear healthy and have no known heart disease or
    other risk factors for SCA.

    Ninety-five percent of people who have SCA die from it—most within minutes.
    Rapid treatment of SCA with a defibrillator can be lifesaving. A defibrillator
    is a device that sends an electric shock to the heart to try to restore its
    normal rhythm. Automated external defibrillators (AEDs), which often are found
    in public places like airports and office buildings, can be used by bystanders
    to save the lives of people who are having SCA. Ordinary people and youngsters
    can easily operate an AED with minimal training. News

    Roy Joseph

    Merquri Medica
    606, Suryakiran,
    SD Road,
    Secunderabad, AP
    India - 500 003


    CPR Training
    Merquri Medica can train your employees to administer CPR and use an AED so that
    they can save lives of their colleagues, customers, friends, family and others
    in an emergency.

    Ms. Kapool 99808-46808
    Alex 94970-51101
    Dr. Kamal 94267-21437
    Uma Sankar 99484-41155
    Distributors needed
    Medtronic - World Leader in AEDs
    Medtronic, established in 1949 in the US, is the world leader in Cardiovascular
    Devices with revenues of more than $15 Billion in 2009.The Lifepak CR Plus AED
    has the most advanced technology that automatically determines if a shock needs
    to applied to the patient.

    Merquri Medicais the authorized distributor for Medtronic and can also impart
    CPR and First Aid training as a value added service.

    Merquri Medica's mission is to make the world a safer place to live and we do it
    by providing professional First-Aid Kits, Automatic Defibrillators and First-aid
  • Thank you Swarnaji. I am crculating this among my friends.

    Now the exact location is " Just below the left breast , a little towards the right', is this right ?Pleas check up with your famly doctor and learn immediately, to be a good scout


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