Kalkiyin ninaivu Dhinam - Dec 5 - Highlights from Ponniyin Selvan ( Audio)
  • Makkale - vanakkam

    Amarar Kalkiyin/ Ponniyin Selvan Rasiga Perumakkale

    Dec 5 Kalkiyin ninaivu dhinam  - Vaazhga Kalkiyin pugazh

    I am going to share some nice excerpts from the audio book of Ponniyin Selvan where in you will see

    - how Kalki brings life to the characters
    - how he tells stories within stories
    - How he explains a situation based on context
    - How he helps us visualize situations etc.,

    You can share and let me know what you like - so i can share that clip with you

    Here is a sample (you tube link)  on - Pozhudhu Pularndhathu.. what a nice way he starts the day..

    I will be posting atleast couple of clips a week (very short ones)


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