Nandhipurathu nayagi
  • Somehow I could get the book Nandhipurathu Naayagi. After much
    struggle, I could get the address of the author and asked my cousin to
    go and buy that book.
    Now I have read half of the firrst volume.

    But I have a few doubts.

    1. Why Kalki never mentioned in PS, that the other name of Pazhaiyaarai
    was Nandhipuram?
    2. Vikraman has never mentioned anything about Poonkuzhali? Was she an
    imagination of Kalki??
    3. He mentions a person by name Veera Narayanan. Is this
    4. In a chapter he mentions Mathuraanthaka Thevar as "Sembiyan
    Maadeviyin ThiruvayiRu uditha Thevar". But never mentions about the
    "aaLmaaRaattam". Which is true?
    5. Amarabhujangan is depicted as a 16 year old boy (the Pandiyan boy to
    whom, Pattabhishekam is done in Thiruppurambiyam PaLLippadai), the son
    of the slain Veera Pandiyan. But Kalki depicts Amarabhujangan as the
    changed name of Madhuranthakan after he joins with Ravidaasan & Co.
    Which is true??

    I believe atleast a few of you would have read NPN as well. Could you
    please throw more light on the the above??

    I remember there were some messages / queries exchanged on
    Panchavanmaadevi, one of the queens of Arulmozhi. I believe she was the
    daughter of Periya PazhuvEttaraiyar. This character comes through in
    NPN. Couldn't understand, why Kalki never made mention of her.

    Once I finished reading PS, the first time, I couldn't digest the
    ending. Actually there was no ending as it marked the beginning of a
    great era of RR. So to find out whether Kalki had put any pointers to
    what happened after that, I read the novel thrice. But still, a kind of
    void space was in my mind, as I couldn't picturize the saga of RR.
    Especially the fate of Kundhavai and Vandiyathevan was dangling.
    NPN is really quenching my thirst, even though there are quite a few
    contradictions between PS & NPN and story doesn't move as quickly as in
  • Hi,

    These are my views.
    1. No idea.. But, "Nandhipuram" term used by vikraman only in
    "Nandhipurathu Nayagi" or "Ganagapuri kavalan". any one knows both are
    same..if so please give supporting evidence.

    2. There is no historic evidence of "Punkhozhali". First RR never gone
    out for a long time on sea. he was very well in Chozha nadu only. Ref.
    Vellore inscriptions. He has donatied and his name was written clearly
    in that.

    3. Both are dummy Characters..
    4. No idea.
    5. That is part of story. There is no support for that.
    Hope those days the pallipadai's are maintained well. If so, they
    can't easly enter a pallipadai (Pattabhishekam is done in
    Thiruppurambiyam PaLLippadai).
    Any one knows that "Amarabhujangan" has changed his name as "Madhuranthakan"
  • Dear all
    i beong to a few of those souls who went mad when finishing PS and
    tried everything written abut the cholas

    To me Nanadhipura nayaki did no justice to the chola kings or the
    charectors of Kalki....To answer your questions.....

    > 1. Why Kalki never mentioned in PS, that the other name of
    Pazhaiyaarai> was Nandhipuram?
    Kalki does mention that and if I a am correct there is also this
    infact vandhiyadevan enters pazhayarai disguised as kamsan near
    Nadhipurathu Vinnagaram Chap43 Volume1 He also mentions Nadhipuram as
    one of the towns of Pazhiyarai.....
    > 3. He mentions a person by name Veera Narayanan. Is this
    > "Aazhvarkaadiyaan"? A similra charector a atake off of Thirumalai
  • Can anyone suggest where can i find Nandhipurathu Nayagi for Sale
    either on internet or in Chennai?
  • -higginbothams
  • hello to all, i'm a new member.glad to join this group. i want to read nanthipurathu nayagi which was written by vikraman. i heard that this novel is the continuation of ps. so, plz any one of u upload plz plz plz ........
  • hi all, I happened to read this book inthe Milipitas Library in
    Sunnyvale,Ver well written,concise and worth reading.Regards,P.Narasimhan.
  • Dear
    I am very happy to know that you want to read nandhi purathu nayaki. I dont where you are residing. If you are residing in chennai, it is good chance to meet vikraman and get his novel with his authograph. You please try

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