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  • Makkale
    Thanks for tuning on to the special coverage and discussion of all the voluntary activities with a special focus on "Poetry in Stone"..
    I enjoyed the casual chat format type discussion stressing on the rgency in preserving the treasure and our heritage. Vijay also appeared very casual and played along well with me and we had a few interesting callers and a few emails requesting information.
    We can do more of these in the near future - all you need to to is send an email to "itsdiff" - Adhanga namma radio show from Stanford university. - email: [email protected] (OR) [email protected]
    It is a pleasure to serve and assist these phenomenal efforts through powerful media. Thanks for giving me an opportunity through my radio show (
    Will post the archive soon for those of you who missed and wanted to catch up with you.
    Very soon you will hear the next program or coverage.


    It's different - News, Views and Music - weekly Radio show

    Every Wed 6 - 9 am PST KZSU Stanford 90.1 FM
  • thanks sri, swamped with calls for the recordings. Guess some friends were
    stuck with commuting back home or with internet connectivity problems.
    Looking forward to more such.

    btw, love your makkale addressing !!

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