• There is a Valeeswarar Temple in Mylapore, Chennai which, I learnt , dates
    back to Chola period.
  • Dear Sir,
    Thanks a lot for the info and request for such info from members.

    We have the following Valeeswarams pending for study

    1. Mylaopre
    2. Arasur
    4. Sevur
    5. Near Pancheshti

    7. Sugreveswaram -Near Mayiladuthurai
    8. Kazhugathur near Mannargudi worshipped by Jatayu.

    There are another 13 supposed to have Ramayana Panels/Old Rama images.

    Sugreveswaram of Sarkar Palayam, referred as Kurukkuthali in Sundara Thevaram, has no epigraphs/songs to prove. Kuanganilmuttam and Ramapuram near Nagalapuram also are not considered.

    For this subject- we consider only

    a. There is a reference of any Ramayana Charector worshipping in Litraturetill Rajadiraja (11th) period.

    b. Or any epigraphical reference - Like Valiswaram, Sugreveswaram, etc till rajadiraja period

    c. Should have any Ramayana scluptures of - till Rajadirajaa

    Request members to give details of any temples known to them.

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