Silapadhiharam - dance drama in SFO Bay area
  • Vankkam nanbargale

    Was fortunate to be a part (small) of a historical dance drama - silapadhiharam by Artistic Director/ composer Madurai R. Muaralidharan last saturday in California - sanfrancisco bay area - sep 11.

    I portrayed as Karikala ChozanĀ  (was i close enough ???) Enjoyed every moment of the brief presence as if part of the history

    Pls do check out the pictures


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  • Kalakareenga Sri..

    Sri is very passionate about acting and he shared his experiences during our
    trip in June. He has a very good memory and great capability to recite
    dialogues with passion. During our trip, he rendered the dialogue from the
    movie 'Raman ethanai ramanadi' in which Sivaji Ganesan acts as Chatrapati
    SIvaji. It was really wonderful.
  • Wonderful Sri - do you have video or audio?

    on that note, why chose a lady to play pandyan??
  • Wonderful Sri..

    post some pix pls.

    warm rgds / sps


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