Leh Disaster
  • Ladhakh Aapdha Sahayata Samiti (LASS) appeals the people to donate for Leh

    Jammu 12 August 2010

    leh an overviewgrief in Leh

    RSS Effectively contributed again
    Hundreds of people killed and thousands are missing and numerous injured in
    worst ever cloud burst and flash floods in Leh which caused unprecedented
    destruction in the entire district in general and Leh town in particular. In
    adverse conditions, Volunteers of Sewa Bharati and RSS have started all-out
    rescue and relief operations.

    Leh disaster

    Before the people and administration could wake up to the prevailing situation,
    the natural calamity had caused unprecedented damages everywhere. The district
    hospital was flooded, bus stands flattened and vehicles were seen floating in
    the heart of town. The communication equipment of BSNL got completely damaged in
    the flash floods thereby tying the hands of the administration in starting early
    relief and rescue operations as damage to the telephone exchange rendered all
    the mobiles and landline phones useless.

    Flooded hospitals, flattened bus stands, washed away houses and floating cars
    amidst echo of wailing people were all that was left after the flash floods.
    What to talk of road connectivity with Kargil, the road link of Leh town with
    adjoining villages got completely snapped as numerous culverts and bridges got
    washed away in the floods.

    The update on RSS and seva bharati relief work

    Meanwhile RSS training camp (ITC) was under way near Leh when this disaster
    struck. Suspending the Camp activity, all Swayamseveks immediately rushed at
    the catastrophe site and started rescue and relief operations immediately. In
    the meantime the Sewa Bharti J&K through its unit in Leh in cooperation with
    Ladakh Singhay Chospa has already established a relief operation camp in Leh and
    is looking after the needs of the affected people.

    In Jammu, Sewa Bharati Jammu and Kashmir organised an emergency meeting in which
    social workers of many organizations attended the meeting to chalk out the
    strategy to provide immediate relief to the victims of Natural Disaster in Leh.
    All members paid homage to those who died in this disaster and formed a trust
    under the Name Ladhak Aapdha Sahayata Samiti to assist the victims and affected
    families in Leh. Brig. (Retd.) Suchet Singh has been unanimously elected
    President of this trust. Dr. Kuldeep Gupta will work as secretary and Sh. Abay
    Pargal will be the treasure of this trust.

    As an immediate measure, some cash donations were immediately transferred from
    Jammu to the group of Swayamsevaks working in Leh. They have purchased whatever
    relief material they can get form nearby local markets and started distributing
    them. According to latest report, a relief package of 2000 blankets, a set of
    utensils for 500 families, 2000 clothes and 500 shoes is on the way and will
    reach the calamity site any time today. Some injured from Leh who have now
    arrived at Jammu are also being contacted by Seva Bharati workers to provide
    them necessary help.

    LASS has opened an account in Punjab National Bank for this purpose having A/c
    No. 1948000101057923. LASS requested the people to donate liberally for the
    flood Victims of Leh.
    Seva Bharati Appeal



    APPEAL for RELIEF -2010

    Leh the capital of Ladakh was devastated by two cloud bursts followed by the
    unprecedented rains. Ladakhthe second largest district after Kutch in Gujrat in
    terms of area is also known as land of high passes or broken moon. Surrounded by
    Kunlun mountain range in the North, Himalayas in the South, it is the sparsely
    populated regions of the J&K State. Renowned for its remote mountain beauty and
    culture Ladakh has Tibet to the East, Lahul Spiti to its South, Jammu,Kashmir to
    its West and Kunlun region to its North. Leh also has the distinction of being
    one of the few remaining abodes of the Budhism in South .Himalayas create a rain
    shadow denying entry to monsoon clouds. The average rainfall being 90mm. It is
    with such geographic conditions that houses in Leh and other parts of Ladakh are
    mostly constructed of mud and mud bricks, which also helps them to maintain heat
    during the extreme winter months.

    Destiny, however, had different designs when on Thursday night there were two
    cloud bursts in Choglamsar area of Leh which were followed by flash floods
    resulting into considerable portion of the old Leh town and to the new
    settlements in Choglamsar area. All this occurred in the dead of night when the
    people of Ladakh unmindful of the designs of the nature were lost in the world
    of dreams and were woken up by the roaring sound of the gushing water and cries
    of their helpless brethren. No one was aware as to what had happened and no one
    got the time to completely come out of their sleep and act for their safety in
    absolute darkness. Infact no one can act under such circumstances and before
    anybody could realise what catastrophe had befallen them they had been washed
    away or buried under tons of debris.

    According to the latest conservative estimates 132 bodies have been recovered so
    far, more than 600 are missing besides the injured whose number is around 500.
    The link roads to Leh from Kulu Manali as also National High Way 1D connecting
    Ladakh to rest of the State and country have been blocked. The Choglamsar was
    reportedly inhabited by around 150 houses but the cloudbursts and the flash
    floods have devasted it completely and there is no trace of any inhabitation.
    This perhaps is the impact of global warming.

    The devastation of this magnitude needs restoration on all fronts. On
    psychological front expression of sympathy and nearness with those who lost
    their near and dear ones, who lost their belongings etc.,on economic front
    immediate mitigation of the problems of those who survived the calamity but who
    lost every bit of their saved and secured future. No help, howsoever, of
    what-so-ever measure it may be can restore the original peace and tranquillity.
    The task is gigantic and beyond the competence of one agency or one
    organisation. The affected people need beddings, clothing, utensils, stores and
    many items of day to day need. Above all they need a roof over their heads to
    protect them from the ensuing harsh winter which when comes stays on and on.

    On an average a Family requires at least 4 quilts 4 blankets and equal number of
    mattresses 4 pillows a big darri. All this material suitable for high altitude
    places like Leh where the temperature goes below zero degree Celsius during
    winter months which start from October latest by early November. The approximate
    cost of these items works out to Rs 6500 per family of four members.

    In clothing sweaters, warm shirts, inners, jeans/warm trousers, jackets are
    required. The average cost works out to around Rs.8000.

    As regards utensils the minimum requirements are one pressure cooker of at least
    5 Lts capacity, 6 plates for lunch/dinner, 6 glasses, 6 katori, 2 patila with
    lids, 2 buckets per family. The approximate cost works out to around Rs.2000.

    The cost of constructing dwelling units comprising 2 rooms (one room 12*12 and
    the other one 12*15 including kitchen) in mud with tin roof will cost
    approximately Rs. 2-2.25 lac without labour component for which we intend to
    involve the beneficiary. The estimates are only tentative and may vary depending
    upon the requirements of the site. Similarly the requirement is based on an
    assumption of 4 member family the factual position can be assessed only after
    the connectivity is restored. In the meantime the Sewa Bharti J&K through its
    unit in Leh in cooperation with Ladakh Singhay Chospa has already established a
    relief operation camp in Leh and is looking after the needs of the

    As already stated the task is gigantic in nature and surmountable only when we
    move together in the specified direction with a cause for our brethren who
    suffered the nature’s fury for no fault of theirs. Their plight needs to be
    visualised and their pain felt in our own hearts. Let us then dedicate ourselves
    for this noble cause and contribute our might in whatever way it suits us.
    Donations for the cause can be made on-line in A/c no.1948000101057923 Punjab
    National Bank for.

    For further information please contact: Telephone:094191109 40, 09419758339,

    Email: [email protected] gmail.com, [email protected] gmail.comThis e-mail address is
    being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
    Please send your generous donations to:

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