[Poetry In Stone|கல்லிலே கலைவண்ணம் கண்டோம்] There is o
  • Dear Vijay

    Thanks for a quick response.

    I don't hold a particular view on matters such as the article I shared. I understand the Sri Lanka - Tamil sensitivity. If it inflamed any hard feelings, I do apologize.

    I prefer to read broadly and share what I encounter. I think on any event such as a conquest there is likely to be more than one way of describing it - the conqueror's version and the conquered's version. I was not suggesting if what the author concludes or quotes is true or untrue. It is always a good idea to keep an open mind and examine the evidence provided by all. Such a process propels us in the direction of seeking information that approaches truth. Having said that, it appears that conquests were accompanied with collecting the wealth of the vanquished. Do you believe that did not occur?

    The defeat I mention refers to the Eelam dynasty, not the Cholas.

    With regards to Sairam's description, I have not read them. I will shortly. [I am new to this forum. Discussion of history attracted me to it. Although I have been on several archeological digs, I am not a specialist, but greatly interested in antiquity of all civilizations, especially that of the Tamil's]

    While Sivagamiyin Sabatham is a great historical novel belonging to its own high-caliber literary genre, my choice would be to rely on historical records of all kinds, whether it is friendly or unfriendly. Please do not take this that I am demeaning Kalki's work.
  • Dear Shah-

    I do not disagree with you at all. Nor, do I see any viewpoint that disagrees with my note.

    The question addressed by the paper was not about Chola sculpture, art, music and dance, at all.

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