tamil poems
  • this is my first mail to the group... i am (was) a
    lurker in the group too. the file on meikirthigal is
    awesome, and quite readable too. thanks a lot!

    i have a question, probably a silly one. how were the
    poems of ancient tamil poets (like elangovadigal,
    kambar) preserved (or passed on?). were they written
    on copper plates, or olaichuvadi? if it is
    olaichuvadi, doesnt it get spoilt with time?

  • Welcome arul

    The ancient tamils used olaisuvadi like the egyptians using papyrus and the were cured and preserved unfortunately most of them are in British museums and universities

  • Dear Sri/Arul,

    Just an addition..

    People did se Olaichuvadi and agreed it had limioted life however people copied and recopied the works and passed onto several gnerations...even now we can find several olaichuvadi copies of same work. There are a plenty of manuscripts in thanjai saraswath mahal.

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