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    I am curious to find out if the bronze statue depicted in the news article is indeed RRC. Does the bronze have an identifier? Would appreciate any info on that. I do have a nice photo of it harvested from the web. It is my impression that all kings had mustach, and rather a bold one. We have great statues of Krishandeva Rayar with a huge mustache, and of course that of later Nayak kings (Thirumalai not only had large mustache, but also an elephant-sized "thonthi").

    Regards, Raj Mutharasan
  • Does the Krishna Deva Raya statue in Tirumala has a mustache? I dont seem to
    remember seeing one...
  • I have posted below their pics side by side. As you can see KDR has a
    rather bold mustache, while RRR looks rather boyish (no offense meant).
    If the statue was made some 100+ years after he passed on, the
    remembrance is likely to be that of his later years rather than his
    adolescent times. In any case, would welcome comments on the "mustachio
    issue". Raj Mutharasan
  • No. Krishna Deva Raya statue in Tiumala does not have mustache. Just ten days
    back I went to there.

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