India heritage sites map with tags+GPS coordinates(?)
  • Saurabh - Your effort is commendable. Try to include GPS coordinates with your tag. It is extremely useful, for a traveler such as I. I recall the time when I was trying to reach Othakadai Jain Cave temples, and the local taxi driver had no idea of where it was. Neither did many people in suburban Madurai on the main road. Finally, what helped me was my camera GPS which is quite finicky, but did get me to the intended destination. Voirol's website contains fairly precise coordinates. These are useful for remote heritage sites. They are also very useful for locating important structures within main sites that are in the periphery. Good luck with your effort and contribution. Regards, Raj Mutharasan
  • Dear Raj,
    I would surely like to insert such tags, however as most of the places which
    are currently in this map are well known places so I did not see any requirement
    to insert the GPS coordinates. Your point is very valid for places which are not
    well known in tourism circle, such as some of the Mahendra cave sites. Whenever
    I will tag such a remote place, I will make sure that I give enough information
    so that if someone wants to visit, he/she can see the direction and reach that
    In all my blogs, I always include, 'How to Reach' section to help all my fellow
    travelers. I usually go through the similar situations in my real life where I
    want to go somewhere but don't know the exact location or the distance from main
    towns. This only prompted me to write down such details so that if anyone wants
    to visit the place, he/she will have all the information at one place.

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