Mahalingam report on terrocota vinayagar and link to past PhD theses
  • Hi Sankar -

    It is available at Connemera Public Library. The have one copy in the stacks. Here is the online link (au:Mahalingam) to their catalog:

    I heard a complaint of how PhD theses are "rotting". It appears that they may be available digitally. PhD theses of various universities appear to have been digitized and is served out of University of Mysore. This includes U of Madras theses. Here is the link for the PhD thesis: "Vriddhagirisvara Temple- Vriddhachalam - A study of its history, art and architecture"

    Happy reading !

    Regards, Raj Mutharasan
  • Dear Raj

    Checked - They have a numbe and location for both

    But they could not trace. They spent 2 hours andcould not locate.

    One person told me that some body took all the books which has Cauvery to Cauvery Tribunal.

    Can you check and get if any overseas library has.
  • Hi Sankar- Yesterday morning, I ordered it via my university library as
    an inter-library loan. I should be getting hold of it in a week or two.
    I'd let you know how that progresses. Regards, Raj Mutharasan
  • Thanks a lot Raj

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