Similarities in Mexican and South Indian cultures
  • Dear All,

    I have read a book in tamil "Americavil aathi tamzilarin kal suvadukal" in which the author note several name of the places of latin america closely resembles dravidian words (especialy tamil). Few from my memory: river called "maranon" and "ucayali" ; a mountain peak called "machu picchu" and the mountain range "andes" is closely resembles "andikal" ie monks who could have roamed in the mountains. There is place by the river of "maranon" called "wakaka" where peoples use to give "thithi" to their forefathers.
    the book also says that the Latin American Godness called "mari ottell" closely resembles "mari aathal"

    Sorry i have lend the book to one of my friend 3 years back and the rest you all decide.....

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