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  • Dear All,

    It's nice to see a open and broad minded person like Sundaram sir. He took my words possitively and welcomed other views. First of all, I appreciate you sir.

    But I disagree with you. I know and accept that caste system was based on the jobs performed by the people. But now it is not like that. I am not speaking about the broad minded people like Sundaram sir, who may even now consider that caste is based on the job. But now it is based on the birth.

    I think you will agree with me. There is an evidence for this in sundaram sir's mail itself. ( Thank you sir ). He has said that he is the son of parents who call themselves as brahmins. He doesn't know veda. According to his words he is not a brahmin. So why didn't he say his caste based on his current job. The reason is he knows that he is a brahmin,based on his birth ( eventhough his thought is different ) and people won't accept
    if he says other caste. ( sir you can't say anything about this, but u ask ur heart ). Can we get caste certificate by saying the job ?

    So what I want to say is, caste was based on job and now it is based on birth.

    As far as Iam heared, vedas are the cause for this caste system. That is it catogorized people by their jobs. But now it is based on their birth and cannot be eradicated. So as it was the cause for caste system, vedas should be banned. ( Some people say that sanskrit is devine language - yet another debate - and only language can be understood by god. If god has created me, he can understand the language created by me. So it supresses other languages. So as we remove the parts affected by cancer to save the life, Sanskrit and vedas should be eradicated from our country. Sir plz don't speak according to your view. See this in normal people's view. Broad and open minded persons like Sundaram sir are less in number )

    Another thing, in olden days, Nandha vilakku eartral thandanai was not given to all persons. The punishments were according to their caste. for lower caste people it was hard and high-class people it was soft. So don't be confussed.

    I consent, it is not possible to find out the motive of Rajarajan after several 100 years. But we can out the mentality of Rajaraja from some events. ( As Anirudhar finds Rajaraja is alive from the words of Vanathi ). Rajaraja expelled ravidhasan & his group from chola desam. This means he did not tollerate his brother's dead and he wanted to take action against them. He might have given the verdict to kill them. He did not give. Why? ( Verdicts to kill are common in those days, but according to their caste ) So eventhough his motive was against them, because of their caste, instead of killing he expelled them.

    With Regards,

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