Rettai Pulavars
  • Hi,

    Can anyone send me some data on the life and works of rettai pulavars ?

    Thanks and best regards,
  • Dear Venkateswaran.

    was thinking of you when some ancient Pandya coins found in Karaikkal area recently as reported in Dhinamalar - Chennai - a couple of days back.

    rgds sps
  • hi

    Dr Jb had written about this some time ago

    "kEtta varam aLikkum kIIrththi migu theyvanggaaL
    kuuttOdu kudi enggE pOnIIr?........"

    "O Deities of great fame! Who granted whatever boons and blessing were
    asked! Where have you
    migrated lock, stock and barrel?"
    The second poet finished the next two lines as if
    the idols were answering the query.

    ".........Paataay kEL!
    selkaalamellaam seluththinOm; al kaalam
    kallaanOm sempaanOm kaaN!"

    "...................- O Poet who sang thus! Listen Ye!
    As long as our days were glorious, we extended our blessing and

    When the times became nought, we changed into stone and copper(of
    which we are made)".
  • Hi VJ,

    Thank you..
  • Dear SPS,

    Thank you.. Its been a long time we spoke... next two days I'm at IIT-Mumbai.. I will call you on my return..

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