My recent road trip..
  • Dear All,
    Recently, my wife and I, left the kids with my in-laws and went on an 8 day
    road trip. The trip was as follows: Bangalore - Chitradurga - Hampi ( 2
    days) - Aihole/Pattadakkal/Badami - Karwar - Mangalore - Mysore and back to
    Bangalore. It was a wonderful trip. We loved Hampi. We actually took Robert
    Sewell's book on the Vijayanagara Empire and sat on the Mahanavami Dibba (
    the platform from which the king would watch the celebrations) and tried to
    figure out where Abdur Razzak and Domingo Paes were standing when they
    discribed the emperor's palace etc. Hampi was amazing and everything that we
    had dreamed of.

    Aihole/Pattadakkal and Badami were great too. It was interesting to notice
    how strategically the Badami fort had been built. The town was built in
    between two cliffs. Behind the cliffs was a mountain range from which they
    couldn't really be attacked. between the cliffs was a lake - a captive water
    supply. I saw the Pallava inscription on the north gates; it gave me goose
    bumps. I have photos of the same and will post it sometime.

    All in all, a great trip!:)
  • Very nice dear Arun.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Looking forward to see the photos.

    Good your family escaped the floods too.

    regards / sps

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