Tamil Heritage Talk - Chola Paintings in Tanjavur Brihadisvara Temple
  • Dear V

    neither is the case. there could be no representation of RR in t'purantaka panel. the image of RR erected outside has no resemblenace to his own depiction in the paintings.

    RR is depicted at three places in the paintings exposed so far. Once in the Nataraja panel and twice in the Rajaraja worshipping Linga panel. Here the entire family and court of RR is depicted inlcluding RR, RJ and others. In all probability, a great work was being read for the first time. It could be Thevaram.

    I was able to discern this and it was accepted many who could see, like SPS my files with me. The rest, like KK and SG, is yet to accept.

    No one is an ultimate authority in the study of past. Everybody says their view of the past. It may be true. It may be false. But no one can verify it an apparetus. Some looks logically acceptable.

    ps sriraman
  • Dear Mr P.S.Sriraman,

    Thanking you for your kind advices on same, and also for letting us know more details on RR RJ etc in these Murals. The close study of these Panels by experts like you, and the interpretation of what is appearing in these Murals give us a real glimpse of the past and some usefull informations in our study on Cholas, such as your mention that Thevarem being read for the first time being depicted in one of the Panels (Nadaraja or Linga Panel ???).

    Could you very kindly let me know where I could find the full interprettion of what you could possibly see in all these Panels at at Thanjai Rajarajeswarem.

    Further why not Scholars like you also interpret the Murals found in the second Rajarajeswarem Temple namely the Darasuram Temple the photographs of the Murals which has been stored in the PSVP File section by another expert in this field for the benefit of those who are involved in the study of Cholas.

    As you may already know there had been a News Report some months back in the "Hindu" News Paper, which stated the disappearence of the Pullivanam Temple Murals. However in this same News Report I think if I am not mistaken the Archaeologist M/s Padmawathi describing the Murals that had been there before its disappearence including a Mural on Thiripuranthaha. What I am interested in knowing are you aware whether any Scholar or the Archaelogical Department has photographed and documented same much earlier before their disappearence, and if so could you very kindly advice where I could see them. Your advices in this connection will be appreciated and usefull for many in the study of Cholas.

    Miha Anbudan - Virarajendra
  • Dear VR,

    these are reference to some earlier discussions ::





    As Sriraman rightly pointed out, there have been disagreement on certain issues.

    Disagreements were based on opinions only and not by any alternative support of evidence !!

    On the lighter side, as discussed earlier - we cannot accept LORD KRISHNA if appears in front of us we wont accept if does not resemble in NTR's outfit.

    Likewise, re RRC - Sivaji Ganesan has set some trend.

    In THIRUVISALUR - RRC and his wife Danthisakthi Vitanki had performed HIRANYAGARBAM and THULABARAM. The temple was renovated in late 50s by Nagarathar. They were PRUDENT enough to photograph the stone relief of KING and QUEEN performing Hiranyagarbam !

    It is available in the House opposite row of the Temple Eastern Sannidhi .. Second House - south facing belongs to the Donor - and one can see the photo !

    RRC is bearded.. little short too.

    We have posted earlier RRC's Bronze as kept in Sarabai Museum, Ahamadabad... he is bearded !

    We have also seen the statues of Kulothunga II .. beareded.

    Certain royal images in Thiruvalanchuzhi Swethavinayagar sanctum - beareded !

    Therefore we can safely assume, an elderly beareded ROYAL personality worshipping NATARAJA in Chidambaram cannot be anyone else than RRC !

    There was another speculation in the paintings : RRC & Karuvurar.

    I have posted earlier that the bearded one is not Karuvurar but RRC, and the one with RAJALAKSHANAM ( Royal looking) should have been Rajendra !

    Recall in 1006 AD - after conquering Chatrachreya, Rajendra made about 9 golden Lotus flowers and offered them to Peruvudayar - " Attithozhudhar " !

    And there was discussion that they were SANAKADHIMUNIVAR..

    We do not dispute :: But we opine that the PAINTERS / SILPIs were GIVEN FREEDOM to depict RRC @ Sivapathasekaran and RjC @ Sivasaranasekaran (coutesy : Dr. Kalaikkovan) atleast TWO out of FOUR of the disciples of Lord Siva - in front of Dakshinamurthy !!

    regards/ sps
  • Dear Sivapathasekaran,

    I thank you very much for providing the leads to various postings made earlier in the PSVP on the subject of Rajaraja's Images in sculpture and in paintings which I find very useful. Further your invitation to the PSVP meet in Chennai in July I thank you again for same, but regret will not be able to be present on during this occasion. However I like to meet the PSVP Members in the next meet possibly a time after end August 2009. Hope this will materialise.

    Anbudan Virarajendra

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