Meaning of Tamil New year
  • The Tamil New year people misspell as Virodhy Gruthu.

    The real name may be a-viharyata-kratu, us, us, u,

    Ved. whose will cannot be averted ; (Say.) doer of

    acts undesired (by his foes) OR

    The Horse Head as fast as a horse; (as fast as Horse)

    VI = Multiply by 20 X 20 X 20 etc.,

    rodhri, dha, dhrl, dhri (fr. rt. I. ruh),

    one who ascends or grows, krathu can not be averted.

    The one whose ascends can not be averted.

    So this year will give many upward trends in our Country and I wish that this stands for ever.

    By the by on the New year day, I suggest to put One leaf (Three) of
    Vilva in One liter of water along with Jeeragam, boil and drink.

    This will reduce the heat and strengthen the mind power.The first quarter of
    Uttara Phalguni falls in the fifth zodiacal sign of Leo, its remaining
    three quarters fall in the sixth zodiacal sign of Virgo. The periods of
    its vernal equinoxes in Leo and Virgo are respectively I0508 to I0269
    B.C. and II228 to I0509 B.C. In Greek and roman religions, Isis was
    also the goddess of navigation in addition to being the goddess of
    fertility and motherhood. She was supported to be “traversing the sky
    in a boat” like virgo, the Celestial Virgin. This clearly points to the
    origin of her worship during the period of vernal equinoxes in Uttara
    Phalguni in the sixth zodiacal sign of Virgo between II228 to I0509 B.C.

    Isis was the Egyptian goddess of motherhood and
    fertility. Ichnographically she is some time represented as cow headed.
    Ariyama, the god of plenty, conjugal happiness and
    fertility is the Swami of Uttara Phalguni and the yoni representation
    of Uttra Phaguni is a Cow. (This Cow headed Goddess were called Vrahi
    which turned as Varãhi a goddess with Pig shape).Based on this we
    are celbrating this year Vrahi Krudhu, or the year of Vrahi, Varahi,
    and we are celbrating First day of this year as Varaha jayanthi!

    This goddess was formed in B.C.11228., may be more than that too!

    [1] ) H.S.Spencer, Are the Gathas Pre Vedic? And the age of Zarathusthra,, H.P.Vaswani Poona 1965 p-36

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