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     During the New year holidays, we(my family) took a small road trip to cover some of the places related to PS. I have the travelogue with a few pictures in my blog. I will soon be updating with the 3rd day's trip as well.
    We covered quite a few places, considering that we travelled with 2 kids. We have to cut short the trip after 3 days due to personal reasons. Overall, for me and me wife, it was a very satisfying trip.
    I also visited the book fair last week and picked up Gokul's book. As mentioned multiple times, the cover of the book was fantastic but am yet to start reading. Another interesting book is 'Bharati Karuvoolam', a collection of Bharati's correnspondence in 'The Hindu'. It was an interesting book to say the least. Some other books I picked up.
    1. Kalapirar aatchiyil Tamizhagam
    2. Atrai thingal avvennilavil (collection of poetry by women from Sangam till Andal)
    3. Muthukulathur Bayangaram (on the 1957 riots)
    4. Periya puranam (Thirumuruga Girubananda variyar's urai)
    5. Puthumaipithan Katturaigal
    6. Kalachuvadu Kathaigal (1992-95)
    7. Thiravida mozhiyin sandru
    and some more books along with NBT books for the kids. I couldnt spend more time in the fair due to the fact that the kids are tired and given the economic situation, I curtailed the spending a little as well.
    Anybody attending 'Chennai sangamam'?
    Chennai is rocking, man!!
    Muthu Prakash R 


    “The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled.”
    - Plutarch

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