Name of Periya Pazhuvettarayar
  • In PS the name of Chinna Pazhuvettarayar is
    'Kalandhaga Kandar'. What is the the name of Periya
    Pazhuvettarayar? This is not mentioned in PS as far as
    I know. What Chozha history says about it.
  • Hi Kamal
    thanks for the info.
  • I thought his name was Kandan Maravan !
    Not sure - need to refer Pazhuvoor Pudhaiyalgal by dr.R.Kalaikkovan in
    which he details the chronology.
    By the way, Kaalanthaka kandar is an imaginary character:-)
  • Yesterday, i was talking to Dr.Kalaikkovan regarding the Periya and
    Chinna pazhuvettaraiyars of PS.

    He said there were three brothers from Pazhuvur served Chola kings
    during Sundara chola period. They were neither 'Dhanaadhigari'
    nor 'Dhalapathi' but just common people. And their names are also
    not 'Ambalavaanan' and 'Kaalanthaka kandar'. There won't be any
    mention about them in 'Pazhuvoor Pudhaiyalgal' since they were not
    the kings of Pazhuvur.

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